Saudi dramas & Lee vs Fox for our lives!

It’s been a big week on the world golf front. The Saudi League appears to be dead and buried and we have our first female winner of a mixed pro event. The boys break down Scramble tactics and discuss who they would pick in a battle to the death between Foxy and D Lee. Plus the best golf trips in NZ!

Lydia & the best value golf weekends in NZ

So much golf over the weekend to celebrate and enjoy. Lydia Ko once again proves she is a legend of world sport. One of the pod members has his best round ever. How do we put together our dream ambrose group? And what sport would be play if you could do anything and be the best in the world at it?

The BEST and WORST golf holes in NZ

Week 3 of the Golf Drifter year. We discuss the best and worst golf holes in NZ as well as playing golf alone, and local rules dramas. Plus, could NZ ever host a Presidents Cup?

Netflix, Jediah the great & Terrace Downs

A real mixed bag this week. We review the Sony Open and the recent Netflix doco news. Plus try to understand why we suck from the middle of the fairway. Plus a bunch of “Would you rather’s” from the audience.