Planning the perfect quick & easy golf trip

Have you all of a sudden found yourself with a free couple of days and a desire to plan a quick golf getaway? If you are lucky enough to be in this boat, you will want to make sure you don’t overcomplicate your good fortune. Follow these tips to ensure your escape is both easy and stress-free.

  1. Stay within 2 hours drive of home

If you are only blessed to escape for 1 or 2 nights, you do not want to waste your valuable time sitting in a car. If you pick a location within 2 hours, you can easily squeeze in golf on your drive to and drive from your destination. Even if this close location limits your course selection, it may be a necessary sacrifice to make. You will thank yourself on Sunday, or whatever day is your final day when your trip home is a short one.

2. Leave Friday lunchtime and beat the masses

If your group can all escape work a few hours early, you will always feel like you are cheating the system a wee bit if you can get away Friday lunchtime ( or whatever day you leave home ). You will not only beat the Friday afternoon traffic, but most importantly, you can pick a course on the way to your final destination and play 18 en route.

I have had some of the most enjoyable rounds with my friends when we jump on Google Maps and search for country courses between home and our final destination. Most of the time, we have never heard of most of the places we play, which leads to a fun exploration of completely new surroundings.

If by chance, your Saturday round is also at a more prestigious course, you will feel much more warmed up and relaxed when you wake up.

3. If you can’t fit it in your car, get it once you are there.

When my buddies and I plan a last-minute or quick trip, the key is to keep everything as simple as possible. If we can’t fit what we need in the car we are taking, this is the golf god’s way of telling us we will sort it out at the other end.

This could relate to trundlers, food, drinks, and extra clothes bags. Fitting in our golf clubs is the key and anything else we can work out once we have arrived.

This will often mean we do more eating out for breakfast and dinner than we may on a longer trip, but this also means less preparation and clean-up, which is never bad.

4. A great course is a bonus

There are times when the courses you select for a golf trip are vital to the trip’s success. And there are times when golf is just an excuse to get away, and you take what you get. When you are on a quick and easy trip, the latter is the best way forward.

Jump on your local booking apps and take whatever you can get. You will still enjoy the around.

5. Don’t go overboard on accommodation

Chances are you will spend very little time at your accommodation on a trip like this. If you play around as you drive to your location, you will likely end up arriving late. If you then play on your way home, you will be leaving early. So don’t go overboard. Look at local Air BNB’s but make sure cleaning fees don’t blow out your overall costs for a short stay. The likes of basic cabins at campgrounds can be a great option if available.

6. Check the weather

One of the advantages of a quick and easy, and last-minute trip is that you can ensure the weather is playing ball. Unlike a trip planned months in advance where you have to take what you get, you can look at the upcoming weather and pick a favorite spot or not go at all if things look bleak.

7. Invite your besties

The easiest trips are when you know your crew, and you know you will have a fun time regardless of where you end up. Don’t stress too much about creating a perfect golf foursome. Just grab whoever can get away and go for it. They will know the purpose of the trip and enjoy whatever happens to fall into your path.

8. Be grateful and happy

You are out and about enjoying golf. It may not be the dream location but be happy that you have the opportunity to escape. Don’t get too caught up in how your golf or the state of the courses you play. But rather enjoy the fun times with your friend’s memories you will create.

Expert Tip

Use the drive time to plan your next epic golf trip!

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