Lydia & the best value golf weekends in NZ

So much golf over the weekend to celebrate and enjoy. Lydia Ko once again proves she is a legend of world sport. One of the pod members has his best round ever. How do we put together our dream ambrose group? And what sport would be play if you could do anything and be the best in the world at it?

The BEST and WORST golf holes in NZ

Week 3 of the Golf Drifter year. We discuss the best and worst golf holes in NZ as well as playing golf alone, and local rules dramas. Plus, could NZ ever host a Presidents Cup?

Ryder Cup & the best teams ever

It’s Ryder Cup week, which for some golf fans is the biggest week in the golfing universe. The boys are split on who wins and also break down their all time teams for a battle to the death.

Golf media and golf hypotheticals

As we bask in the 1 week PGA offseason the boys discuss what will happen in 2022 and how Golf could learn off other sports. Plus we discuss whether golf media is evolving fast enough, and we ask our best hypothetical golf questions yet.

Fantasy champ & Solheim magic

Patrick Cantlay is the 2020/21 Fed Ex Cup Champion but why was the Tour Championship such a bore? We break down the Solheim Cup, fantasy sports, what America sports do well and the best golf shots we have ever hit.

Playoffs & our most feared holes in NZ

New Zealand has been plunged back into Lockdown which means more time for golf chat! We break down Kevin Kisner’s victory and preview the playoffs. Plus we wrap up Lydia’s recent form, and our dream jobs in golf.