Why Golf Drifter ?

Where it all began

Hi, I’m Casey, and I’m addicted to golf.

With a wonderful wife, two amazing children, and a good professional life, I have what most people would consider ‘a great life’. But never far from my mind is the constant drive to work out how I can play more golf.

So, where does a golf addiction start? We’ll have to head back to my teenage years. Even though I was busy playing plenty of other sports to a decent level, it really was love at first sight with golf.

Like no other sport I attempted, golf offered me the chance always to improve, despite most of the time proving to be ridiculously frustrating. But if nothing else, getting to spend 4+ hours battling with my friends always provided enough entertainment to draw me back into the game again.

Unfortunately, I have never been particularly good at the game. My inconsistency is the most consistent part of my game. In fact, since having an official handicap, I’ve generally bounced up and down between the very occasional dalliance as a single-figure handicapper and a top number of 15. I am capable of the odd mid to late seventies round, but a large number is never far away, and normally, when I am tracking to a decent score, I find a way to implode and destroy a great day out.

Whilst bad golf rounds can put me in a temporary negative funk, most of the time, I see my love affair with golf for what it is; a chance to escape the normal challenges and battles of life, to spend time with friends – and the slim opportunity that I may dominate, for a fleeting second, a game that I consider to be the toughest in the world. After a bad round, I’ll inevitably be annoyed about performance, but generally speaking, I will see the positives in having been able to golf in the first place.

I also love golf courses – I love the history of how they came to be, I love knowing who has played them in the past, I love the architecture and thought process put into a great course. I love the strategy of working out how to conquer a golf hole, and I routinely find myself looking at golf course flyovers or even studying Google maps, pondering how I’ll tackle an upcoming golf round.

But it’s going away for a golf trip that I love more than anything else. Whether it’s a trip with one friend for one night to a basic muni or rural club, or an overseas odyssey with a plane full of adventurers, I tend to set up my year around how often I can get away for golf.

In fact, I’m willing to admit I actually love planning a golf trip more than I do going on one. While the trip may be a single night or a week, the planning can be years of work if I’m lucky. There’s the daydreaming and distraction from the daily grind, the ever-growing levels of excitement within the departing group, and the inevitable trash talk and banter (not to mention that you don’t have to worry about playing badly!)

As my kids are now the biggest part of my life, my golf trips have become even more special due to the number I happily sacrifice in favor of my family. But of course, having something to look forward to is a big part of getting through the tough days life throws at you.

As a side note, I should set the record straight and say my wife is a special woman who lets me go away a lot more than she probably should.  But as a standard rule, I try and aim for two trips away a year – whilst always scheming how I can turn a family trip into a bonus golf weekend.

This blog explores the fun of going on a golf trip without necessarily going on as many as I’d like to. I look back at some of my fondest trips, and those involved still talk about the time away years later. It’s also an opportunity to learn about the golf escapes others are going on; your stories may just become my next adventure. 

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