Turning a staycation into a golf vacation

Golf trips with your buddies can take you to far-flung destinations, or they can allow you to explore locations in your own country. But what about if a golf vacation could be had without leaving the comforts of your own bed? Believe it or not, it is possible.

A successful golf trip or vacation is all about breaking away from the normality of your standard day and using golf as an excuse to spend time with your friends. If time or circumstances do not allow you to venture to greener pastures (Covid anyone ? ), you can still achieve this same buzz by following these handy tips.

  1. Investigate local stay and play specials.

Whilst a true staycation may involved staying in your own home; you may be able to break the mold slightly by looking at courses locally that offer accommodation packages. In off-peak months you may find they are very excited about locals coming to stay. Even if you only drive 30 mins staying in foreign conditions can create a unique experience, and if that accommodation happens to be on course, you can achieve the thrill of walking out of your bed straight onto the course—something all golfers love.

If you do your research well, you may also be able to find some aggressive package discounts that take care of all your food and golf for the weekend too.

If stay and play on a local course is not an easy thing to do you can also look at two other options that can create a point of difference for your golf ‘trip.’

  • Investigate staying at a local hotel or Air BNB with your group. If you have a big night it nice to able to leave in the morning knowing that no one has to clean up the mess in  their ow home
  • Or stay together at a mates house. We all remember the thrill of a sleepover as kids. You can achieve the same feelings if you stay together for your golf trip at home.
  1. Play new or special courses, and mix up your formats

This may be the most important tip for enjoying a golf trip close to home. Take the money saved on travel and make sure you splurge on some golf courses you either have not played or do not play often. This will feel like a point of difference in its own right.

If you would normally play 36 holes on a golf trip, do the same thing. You can even investigate traveling between two courses at lunchtime.

Equally, mixing up your normal formats and having something interesting on the line will help your staycation feel like you are a million miles away.

  1. Leave work alone

If anything can detail a successful golf staycation, it will be members of your group being dragged easily back into their normal lives. You need to make sure that there are no temptations to dart into the office, or requirements to pick kids up from school. Treat your golf trip just like you would if you were traveling, especially if you are planning on taking time off work to extend your adventure.

  1. Splurge of food and hospitality

A bit like playing some nice treat courses, ensure you mix up your post-golf entertainment options, and ensure no one is burdened with needing to cater for the crew. Going out for breakfast pre-round and eating at a nice restaurant post-round will make you feel like you are somewhere else.

The same can be said for hiring or borrowing a minivan so you can all travel together to your courses of choice.

  1. Check the calendar

If at the possible look for a weekend when there might be a notable sporting event, concert, or show on that your group can enjoy post golf. Blending in non-golf entertainment will make your trip feel more complete.


The world is going through a strange time but that does not need to kill your golf ambitions. If you can be creative and keep the spirits of your golf group up you can be sure to still find ways to enjoy your golf adventures.

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