Planing a buddies golf trip on the cheap

There are times in your life when you desperately want to go on a golf trip (for example, every weekend), but your budget might not allow for it, or you may have people coming along that are not as happy to spend as you are. Fear not …. A great golf trip can still be had. Through these cost-saving tips and changing up your overall thinking on a breakaway, you can still have an amazing time with your buddies.

  1. Any golf trip is better than no golf trip

Whilst we all dream of Bandon Dunes, Pebble Beach, or even a trip away to New Zealand or Scotland, keep in mind that there would have been a time in your life when you were more than happy to have a weekend away with your friends playing any course you could get onto. No matter how to flash or basic, a golf course is, I take great pleasure in making it somewhere for the first time. As Forest Gump would say, “ A golf course is like a box of chocolates… “

So there are still plenty of times in my life when my buddies and I will happily jump in a car and head off into the countryside, very happy to play whatever country gems we can find. It never ceases to amaze me what $20-$50 can buy you regarding a 4-5 hour block of entertainment on a golf course.

So never forget that even if you are not experiencing the dream golf location of your life … it is better than sitting at home.

  1. Make sure you explore all the standard golf savings.

In other blogs, we have explored ways to save money on golf in general, but it always pays not to forget these.

  • Check out the local tee booking apps. If you can be flexible around what course you pay this is probably the best way to save money.
  • Avoid peak tee times if you can
  • Look to book a trip the day after a peak season finishes.
  • Travel midweek if you can
  • Book multiple around at the same course, or look for ‘all you can golf’ deals
  • Look for all inclusive deals including free range balls and food and beverage deals
  • Dont take cart if it is extra
  1. Grab an Air BnB or private accomodation

Private hotels are not only expensive but may limit your options, including food and beverage. If you can find a local Air BNB option, you can save a lot of money on accommodation and self-cater and bring your own drinks on tour. You may even be able to sneak a few drinks into your golf bag for the course!

Some of my favorite golf adventures have involved private accommodation where the whole group stayed in one house. The losers of any day’s activities were forced to cater to the group.

  1. Pack smart

If you are flying for golf, it may be that your trip is already not considered a ‘cheap trip,’ but one way to guarantee extra costs is to be overweight or forget items. Take a look at our ‘golf trip packing list’ and take your time to pack well. Favor golf items ahead of extra clothes to save extra expenses at the other end

Whilst the thought of playing without my clubs leaves me in a cold sweat, there are times when it may also be cheaper and easier than lugging around your set, so do your research with your airline.

  1. Seek advice from locals or those that know

Endless people are willing to give you advice online ( thank you for reading my blog, by the way ), but who are never sure who is telling the truth and getting paid for the recommendations.

So never be scared to jump out to friendly golfers to ask what they think. There are ample communities on social media to ask about different destinations, or you can even get on the phone to actual courses. You may find staff is much happier to provide discounts or advice more honestly than what you find on the internet.


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