Myrtle Beach – The Disneyland of golf

As a 30-something visiting Myrtle Beach to golf, I have more than once started the calculations involved around whether or not it’s too early to retire and head to the Carolina Coast.  Cheap property, good weather all year round, and most importantly, a golfing mecca with 100 golf courses within a 70-mile range…. You can see where I am heading here.

Myrtle Beach has been described as the Disneyland of golf for excellent reasons. Not only is there a plethora of golf courses, but most courses offer very reasonable pricing. If you put your research in, you can play a huge range of interesting golf tracks that will provide you with endless new experiences.

In fact, if you want to park yourself in one tiny part of the Myrtle Beach area, such as Brunswick County or Pawleys Island, you could go on a delightful golf trip without needing even to have a rental car.

But visiting Mrytle Beach can also be a confusing experience given there are so many options. Where do you start? These tips will help you start planning out your golfing adventure.

  1. What do you want in a location ?

If there are non-golfers on your trip, staying in the heart of Myrtle Beach is a great idea. There are dozens of exciting activities for the whole family whilst you are out playing and very fair accommodation pricing.

But if you are out for a pure golf experience, you can save a lot of time, and play a lot more golf, if you do some research into the various parts of the Grand Strand. 

Brunswick County, located 30 to 60 minutes north of the heart of Myrtle Beach, offers dozens of amazing golf tracks at very reasonably priced. You can find the larger resorts such as the Big Cats resort and amazing clubs such as Carolina National. Accommodation will often be on course, but you will also find a range of package deals that can make organizing your golf trip very simple.

Equally, Pawleys Island, a similar distance south of Myrtle Beach, may offer some of the prettiest golf courses in the whole area. Caledonia Golf and Fish Club are often ranked the highest of any course in the area, and on my visits, I have never felt like a golf course says “Carolinas” more than Caledonia. True Blue, Founders Club, and many more courses can round out an amazing week.

Closer to the center of Myrtle Beach, you can then choose to hop around from course to course or pick an all-in-one experience like Barefoot Resort, home to 4 impressive courses, each offering a unique experience.

There really is something for everyone and every budget. My only a bit of advice is to try and limit your travel as much as possible. Remember you can always visit again!

  1. The home of golf discounts

In general, Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand area may be the world’s home of golf discounts and bargains. Often regarded as the first location to embrace dynamic costings for golf, if you are willing to put in the time and be flexible about where you play, you can pick up some fantastic savings in the area. With close to 100 courses nearby, you will always find a great round.

Dozens of booking apps will help you find a course you love, and all the courses in the area work hard to entice players. Some will even throw in meals and drinks and a range of other extras for free. So do your research.

As mentioned above, Myrtle Beach is also famous for its package deals. Websites such as offer dozens of package options that can see you get 4 nights accommodation and all-day golf at a range of courses, including some that otherwise may be hard to get onto. A great option if you want an effortless trip for you and your buddies.

Generally speaking, Myrtle Beach is relatively cheap in peak times (Mid-March to late-April; Late-September to early November), but if you are open to battling the heat of the summer or the cold of winter,,, it’s quite possibly the best value destination in golf.

  1. Do your research on flight options

If you plan to fly into Myrtle Beach, the only option is not Myrtle Beach International Airport. Yes, it is centrally located and shiny and new, BUT flights often cost a tonne more than flying into Wilmington, NC is a fantastic opinion if you plan to play in the north of Myrtle Beach. Charleston, SC, is also worth looking into if you plan to be based around Pawleys Island. Either way, do your research, and you may have more money for golf.


If you are looking for a relatively easy golf trip to plan that won’t hurt your pocket, take a look at Myrtle Beach. Just be warned… one trip will not be enough!


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