Getting your partners blessing for golf

There are many things I love about my wife. I hope there are many things she loves about me. One thing I know she is not in love with is my obsession with going on golf trips. 

I get it… I probably do seem genuinely more excited about going on a golf trip than going on a family holiday, and I certainly put more time into planning these adventures. Thankfully she lets me indulge in my passion a couple of times a year, and for this, I am forever in debt, or perhaps forever paying off debt.

Whilst I will stop short of using the term ‘permission’ when I bring up the topic of golf trips with my wife, getting her blessing for trips certainly makes my travels easier. Over the years, I have developed a few ideas to help with this process. I have carefully grouped them into beginner and expert level ideas. Good luck!

Beginner tips

  1. Bring her along – Truth of the matter is that I can’t ever see my wife going on a true boys golf trip, but having her join my after my trip has certainly been a winning suggestion in the past. Also I have managed to execute a ‘bring a friend’ strategy on more than one occasion where we have brought along respective buddies to ensure no one is playing third wheel.
  1. Quid pro quo – This will test your overall organisational skills but it takes a cruel hearted person to turn down your suggestion of a golf weekend if at the same time you bring it you present her a pre-planned weekend away with her friends. Another expert level play is to present your loving partner with a lovely gift at the same time as your carefully managed request. But be warned, many partners will see through this.
  1. Take the kids out of the equation – Similar to #2, if you have kids like we do, organising someone to look after your offspring while you are away is a great way to lessen the blow of you being out of town. This is what grandmas are all about!
  1. Domestic IOU – Nothing like the promise of taking care of many of the worst chores around the house. You will face an interesting decision as to whether you do the jobs pre or post trip. The extra effort will be appreciated pre-trip but be warned the credit may not extend to post trip when you may really need it.

Expert level tips

I risk forever letting my wife know my secrets by imparting these wisdoms on paper, but hopefully, other can benefit from these tips

  1. The last minute request – If you know your request is going to receive a less than a wonderful response you may want to consider the last minute request. Sure it will still receive a frosty response but at least the cold shoulder will not last for as long as asking months out. Also, if your partner happens to have nothing on when you are planning to golf it can be harder to claim that you are wrecking plans.
  1. Marry into golf – Some would call it great management, some would call it good luck, but I am very fortunate to have a golf obsessed father-in- law. Obviously, I am only doing my duty when I play golf with him on family holidays and clearly do not want to be golfing myself!
  1. Ensure all golf trips have a milestone attached to them. It will not hurt your chances of a positive reception if a golf trip happens to be celebrating a wonderful friend’s large milestone, such as a 40th or 50th birthday. Surely you don’t want me not celebrating with a good friend! Don’t be scared to look through your travel group to work out who might be a suitable scapegoat
  1. The work trip – A well used ruse over the years for me personally. Yes I have to go away for work, but it’s not my fault a good friend happens to want to play golf in the exact location we need to go too. Planning is key for this play and will require you to also consider your ability to play midweek.

If nothing else, all golf-obsessed golfers must share other like-minded tips so we can all learn and improve in this vital area of golf trip management. And if you meet me, wife, I never wrote this.

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