Do’s & don’ts of golf trip accommodation

The focus of your dream golf trip should always be on golf. That is what you will remember in years to come, and if you have to decide where best to spend limited funds, pick golf. 

But if you have the flexibility to pick and choose accommodation options, read these helpful hints to help you decide where best to place you and your buddies.

  1. DO book golf before accommodation. Golf bookings are always the toughest part of any trip to secure, especially if you are trying to play bucket list courses. Always start with securing your golf bookings before flights and accommodation.
  1. DON’T forget to do your research. Some courses will put limits on who can play certain courses based on where you stay. Equally you may not be able to play 36 holes a day if you choose a cheaper off resort location and can’t secure an early tee time.
  1. DO get everyone there own bed. Multiple people to a room is fine, but not giving everyone there own bed is not. Golf can be hard and you want to at least try and be in your best spare to play the next day if you can.
  1. DONT forget to look at private accommodation options. If you are able to stay off site and still secure rounds it can be easy to forget to check the likes of Air BNB. Private lodging can both be cheaper and more fun if your whole group can be under one roof. Plus you are often save money on food and drinks if you can supply those yourself too.
  1. DO think about what luxuries from home can make shared accommodation easier. On various golf trips I have been on I have seen anything from personal pillows to ear plugs and white noise machines come along for the journey. Suggest a few inclusion to make sure everyone gets the best nights sleep.
  1. DONT put the party animals with the early to bedders. Not everyone will want to be up all night so if you can group people together with like minded spirits. If your accommodation allows for it place those that enjoy more sleep away from the more social areas of your accommodation
  1. DO have some fun with how how accommodation is allocated. If you are staying in accomdoaiton where some people may have private rooms or larger beds make allocating these beds part of the fun of your first round. It is a simple prize that does not cost anyone any additional money.
  1. DONT forget to consider all the hidden costs of accommodation. Regardless of where you stay look into what food options may be around, look at whether golf rates vary for off site accommodation, and think about whether you need a rental car ?
  2. DO pick a place with a laundry – If you are concerned about fitting in everything you want to take on your golf trip picking accommodation with a inhouse of DIY laundry service is a great way to be able to cut down on packing
  1. DONT be idiots – If you damage something or behave like idiots it will come back to affect the group more often than not. So take care of where ever you stay and if something goes wrong own up to it. Get it sorted asap and move onto the next part of your golf trip …


If you plan to play multiple courses on your golf adventure, it’s always a great idea to consider the pros and cons of moving around accommodation vs. picking a central location that means you don’t need to pack up daily.

This may mean picking a location near any particular course but in the middle of a range of courses. 

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