The 6 building blocks of golf trip planning

Planning a memorable golf trip is not easy. Many different wishes and multiple logistics issues must somehow come together in a way that pleases not only yourself but also your fellow playing partners.

Before you even start the process of planning where you might go and who might be invited, here are some handy tips to start your planning adventure.

  1. Put yourself first – A lot of the fun of a golf trip is who you go with, but the only person you can plan around with absolute certainty is you! Keep this in mind especially around the big stuff such as dates, locations and how much golf you want to play. You need to make sure you are happy with the plan first and foremost. Some of my favourite golf adventures have just been me and one buddy, or in some cases just me joining up with random groups on the first tee. Hopefully others will want to join your trip once planning is underway but keep in mind that with all the hard work in store for you, you want to make sure that you are certain to have a good time regardless. Planning by committee rarely works. Indecision and conflicting opinions can run rife, so grab the reins and keep a firm grasp.
  1. Create a spreadsheet (or some other form of note taking method) – As you start to consider all the bits and pieces you need to plan it’s not hard for the whole trip to start feeling like it is over taking your life. I’ve always been a big fan of spreadsheets (Google Sheets is free and easy to share with others) to document all the jobs, tasks and eventual plans for the group. Don’t rely on trying to piece together emails or texts at a later stage. 
  1. Be as specific as possible around key details – When you first start talking to others around your plans the more information you can give them in advance the better. Being able to offer specific dates or at least a range of dates, is a great way to start teasing out actual participants. Even better if you can offer details around potential locations and even costs. As per point #1 plan the trip around yourself as much as you can but try to offer others as much detail as possible.
  1. Give yourself plenty of time – As discussed in previous blogs I personally may enjoy planning golf trips more than I like going on them. I love the anticipation, the banter and the anticipation of how well I will play, and the distractions from my real life. If you give yourself plenty of time between when you start your planning and the trip itself, you will give others more time to get involved and also give yourself plenty of time to plan the best trip possible.
  1. Be bold – Fear of the unknown around golf trips is why a lot of golfers never tick off the bucket list courses or locations you want to explore. It can be a lot of fun to go away with the same guys to the same courses every year, but at the early stage of a planning be as ambitious as you can be. You can always scale back once you learn more.
  1. You can never start planning your next trip too early – We all know the feeling of deflation at the end of a golf trip. The big question you need to be asking is ‘What happens next?’. The best golf trips start to be planned before the last trip has even ended. Get your group excited and chat about what they want to do next whilst you are on your current trip and even if the next break is a long way away you immediately have something to look forward to.

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