Building a golf trip around a Major

For passionate golf fans, the four golf majors are amongst the best 4 weeks of the year. The best golfers battling it out and sometimes folding on the biggest stage, normally on a dream course. But what about if you could make things even more exciting by building a golf trip around viewing a major? If you are lucky enough to be able to get to see a major in real life, these are some tips for how to make it an all-around winning trip for you and your buddies.

  1. Secure tickets to the major before you do anything else.

It may sound like a straightforward point, but this first step in the riddle is probably the hardest job of all, depending on the course and locations. Winning tickets to the Masters in the ticket lottery can be a lifelong pursuit for many. Please do your research for the other majors and figure out when tickets will be on sale and how you apply for them. Then sit back and wait. You can research the rest of the trip, but there is no point in buying anything until you know whether you are actually going. The exception to this will be if there is some way to secure refundable travel and accommodation.

Also, as a general rule, apply for as many tickets as you can. If it’s a golf major, you will be able to find willing homes for them.

2. Have your research complete for the rest of the trip

If and when you do secure tickets, you will need to be ready to attack the other parts of the puzzle, including flights and accommodation. It’s a great idea to have already agreed in principle to budgets and timings so you can book quickly without needing a long thread of communications.

3. Have a plan for how important it is to play golf on the trip

There are a few times in life when watching golf may be more fun than playing it. And going to golfs majors is one of those times. But that does not mean that you can not build some rounds of your own into the trip with careful planning.

First things first, it will be hard to secure tee times anywhere near the major destination during the event. And do you even want to be spending half a day playing yourself?

With your prospective group, it’s worth having a consensus around

  1. Do you want to play one of the days of the event ? (especially if you are going for multiple days)
  2. Can your spare a day or two either side of the major for your own event.

If golf is on the agenda, get booking earlier to secure your spot. You can also look to play golf either on the way to or coming home from your adventure.

4. Stay in a shared villa/house if you have a larger group

You will save money and have a much better social experience if you can find a shared house or AirBNB equivalent. Debating the events of the day is much more fun sitting around a shared space.

5. On the day

The big day has rolled around …. How will your spend your day? How can you make the most of being on-site? These tips may help.

  • Get to the course early. You don’t want to waste time in lines to get in later on in the day and you can secure your dream spot.
  • Go to the practice areas. You will get to see players up close and seesee warm-ups, coaches, and training aids.
  • Try to build in one day on course on a weekday. Crowds are much smaller, and you can get up close to your heros.
  • Don’t forget to keep hydrated and eat!
  • Check the bag policy rules for what you can and can’t take into a venue
  • Follow one group to see the whole course, especially if it’s a new venue.
  • Another cool idea is to consider walking the course backwards, if space allows. You will see everything once from a very different perspective.
  • Don’t be scared to pick a lesser name to follow. They value your support and might even strike up conversations with you.

6. Must have merchandise

If you like something …. buy it fast. The desirable items will sell out normally and you don’ want to waste your time going back to the tent too many times.

7. Personal choice is great

If you have managed to somehow get a group of guys along to the course, don’t feel the need to force everyone to do the same things. It’s wonderful for all to enjoy the course together in your own way. Some will prefer sitting in one place, beer in hand, and others will want to be active relaxers.

8. On Sunday…

If you have managed to nab tickets for the final round, you need to plan strategically. Hopefully, you have already had a day on the course and know the spots you want to watch from. Just remember that on the last day, movement may be harder, so you may need to pick a spot or two and watch the field move by. Just have a plan to be around the 18th for the real action.

9. BRAG !!

Don’t forget to make sure you take photos and brag like crazy. This could be once in a lifetime thing, so soak it up and make sure you enjoy it.

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