Am I crazy to get my partner into golf?

Being a golf widow or widower is not for the faint-hearted. If my wife is reading this, I am fortunate to have a super supportive partner from a family of golfers. However, it’s still not uncommon to get a slightly frosty reception when the topic of a weekend golf game or trip away is mentioned.

Taking off for 5 hours only to return a broken (or sometimes drunk) man does not always go down as well as I think it will. And leaving a screaming baby for a 3-day golf bender will probably only sound about a million times more unappealing.

This is why I know many golfers have often pondered …. Should I get my respective partner into the game? If she, or he, is into golf, surely that will mean a whole lot of extra golf for me, and once they get the golf bug, they will fully understand why I need to play 18 holes immediately after I have sucked for 18 holes!

Furthermore, surely having a partner that supports golf is a sure-fire way to get to go on more golf trips, right? The short answer to this is …. Maybe. Above all else, my advice to you is to tread carefully on this whole subject. Seek advice from old wise men ( or ladies ) who have walked this path before. For once you open up this pandora’s box, you may create unforeseen consequences

The pros ….

  1. More golf for you – Whilst this scenario may be as mystical as the unicorn if you partner is into golf you may be able to channel this into more golf time for you. Not only do you get to play your own golf with buddies but also you get to golf with your partner. If you find this person …. As Beyonce would say “put a ring on it “
  1. Family holidays can now become golf holidays – This is when you know you have made it in life. When you and your respective partner sit down to plan your next holiday together you both are interested in what courses are in the local area. The only thing better is the partner with the family holiday home overlooking the links!
  1. A partner who understands golf is life – Would you sell you first child to break 70 ? How much easier would it be if your wife was onboard with that idea so you could both break 70 ? A partner into golf can open up a whole other level of understanding when you absolutely have to squeeze in a round after work or absolutely need to buy the next greatest driver the day after it is released.

The cons ….

  1. Golf is hard … and will show up your true colours – Lets be honest, most of the time we all suck at golf. And often this makes us very angry. Do you want your partner seeing this ? Do you want your respective partner becoming the angry golfer ? Can you deal with the ride home with neither of you talking to each other.
  1. Golf is long … I have in the past taken my lovely wife out to play golf only for her to decide 9 holes is well and truly enough golf. What to do then ? Staying out to finish my round is never treated with an amazing reception, but equally I hate losing my ‘golf time’ credit to a 9 hole round.
  1. Sometimes you golf to get away from your family  – Some people, myself included, use golf as a way to catch a break from my family at times. If your family becomes part of golf it may not be asking too much to also get your solo/buddies golf on top of your family golf

The steps to take if you decide to take the plunge

  1. Start easy …. I know you may hate playing 9 holes, or playing the local muni, but golf can be an intimidating sport to start. Your job initially is to keep things as relaxed and fun as it can be. Throw the rule book out the window too. Play off whatever tees you want to, let your partner drive the cart, and don’t keep score.
  1. Dont be the coach …. Even if you are a coach. If your partner is interested in learning think smart and get in a professional to maintain your own relationship.
  1. Golf with another couple …. This is a great solution if you can engineer it. You get to play golf with your buddy and your partner is immediately put at ease, especially if there are other beginners in the group
  1. Set the tone early for when you need to golf alone …. As much as you love your partner there will be times when you need to be alone ( or with your buddies ). Just be open and transparent about this.

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